Here’s what readers & reviewers are saying about Island of the Phoenix

Vic Mills has done it again! This time, Vic has tackled a military adventure that takes us to the South Pacific in World War II. In 286 well written pages, Vic interwove an interesting mix aviation history and military battles in the Solomon Islands along with an extraordinarily warm personable story about Captain Michael Hollands, US Army Air Corps.”     — Glenn Davis

“Phoenix is not only a study in leadership, it is an historically accurate look at the aircraft and military battles in the Solomon Islands. It is full of detail without becoming tedious – the perfect intersection of novel and history book.”  —R.A. Strong, Lt. USCG (Ret.)

“Vic Mills captures he essence of a ‘truly Joint experience’. Often, in wars, we find ourselves in places we never thought we’d go. When surrounded by brothers and sisters of other services a magic can happen when the right folks engage the situation. Anyone who has spent “time on the ground”, in any conflict, will enjoy this book. For those who have yet to walk that path, you too will gain insights unlike any other venue available. Enjoy the read!!”  –Brad McGuire

“As someone who is a pilot and has flown WWII aircraft, and is familiar with the workings of the military, I found parts of this book to be hard to believe. It just doesn’t work that way. That said, i found the book to be an enjoyable read. In many ways the writing style seemed to be from an earlier, more innocent time. It struck me as similar to something that might have come out during the war years as it stressed service, courage, honor and moral values and only skimmed over the (very proper) romantic aspects. Although I enjoyed it and am in my 60’s, I think it would be good if marketed towards young readers. It is the type of book I remember reading as a kid” –Tim Juhl

“Vic has a wonderful talent for weaving together a story with a real life feel. He shows the human side of the military and the shortcomings of it too. His main character, Mike Hollands, is the kind of guy anyone would like to call a friend,- kind, intelligent, good sense of humor, but made of sturdy stuff and not afraid to stand up for what he feels is right.
What a wonderful imagination and ability to bring it all together in a very entertaining story! I would highly recommend this book to just about anyone, – man, woman or the mature child. It is pretty clean, too, by today’s standards. 
Thanks, Vic! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to another winner!” –Eleanor Hansen

“Island of the Phoenix is the second of Vic’s books (SNAFU also) to grasp life, death, turmoil and happiness with an easy-to-relate-to human side. His innate ability with the weaving together of text and story line captivates and holds the interest of the reader from beginning to end. It is virtually impossible to predict each turn in the book from chapter to chapter. Phoenix is an outstanding book from top to bottom for any person, veteran of military conflict or not.  A great read” —Rick White

“This is an exciting book, well written with characters doing their best in a terrible war. I stayed up all night to finish it, eager to learn how the men and women fared in their fight against the enemy. I particularly liked the way Mr. Mills included pilots, mechanics, ground crews, so many different areas of expertise and hard work that combined to make the battles a success.’   –Patricia Fletcher Moore



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